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Multiface +3

Device nameMultiface +3
Also known asMultiface 3
ManufacturerRomantic Robot UK Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Add-on
Original price£44.95
Budget price£39.95
BlurbAs Multiface 1/Multiface 128 but for the ZX Spectrum 128+3. Allows comercial software to be halted and copied to disk.
NotesAlso works on the +2A and +2B (without the disk drive functionality).
The ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
SPOT commentsfor ZX Spectrum+3 only; prices with/without through-port
Score 10.00 (1 vote)   See scores and vote!

Support material
Multiface3_Manual.pdf2,549,794(Scanned English manual)
Multiface3_Manual.txt23,754(English manual)
Multiface+3_Schematics.zip61,944(Hardware technical documentation)
Multiface3.jpg214,979(Hardware picture)

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