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Magnum Light Phaser

Device nameMagnum Light Phaser
Also known asTrojan Phazer
Sinclair Action Pack
ManufacturerAmstrad (UK)
TypeHardware: Add-on
Original price£29.95
BlurbIt's black, looks mean, is made of plastic and plugs into your Spectrum. It promises a new kind of fun and isn't cheap. It's the new Sinclair Magnum lightgun, and MIKE DUNN is the man with his finger on the trigger.
NotesDifferent versions for the 48K, +2 and +3.
Came with the Sinclair Action Pack - Lightgun Games tape/disk.
Also see the special promo packs ZX Spectrum +2 Action Pack and ZX Spectrum +3 Action Pack.
SPOT commentsaka. Trojan Phazer
Score 6.67 (3 votes)   See scores and vote!

The following games have been found to support this device:

Billy the KidCode Masters Ltd
Bronx Street CopCode Masters Ltd
BullseyeMacsen Software
F-16 Fighting FalconCode Masters Ltd
Industria 14Mastertronic Ltd
Jungle WarfareCode Masters Ltd
Living Daylights - The Computer Game, TheDomark Ltd
Lord Bromley's EstateAmstrad
Make My DayMastertronic Ltd
Missile Ground ZeroSoftware Creations
Operation WolfOcean Software Ltd
Q's ArmouryAmstrad
Robot AttackMastertronic Ltd
RookieMastertronic Ltd
Solar InvasionMastertronic Ltd
Super Car Trans AmCode Masters Ltd
(16 titles found)

Support material
MagnumLightPhaser_Manual.txt18,263(English manual)
MagnumLightPhaser.gif265,272(Hardware advertisement scan)
MagnumLightPhaser.jpg89,393(Hardware picture)

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