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Kempston Pro Joystick Interface

Device nameKempston Pro Joystick Interface
ManufacturerKempston Micro Electronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Joystick
Original price£16.95
Blurb3 joystick ports that support Kempston, Cursor and Sinclair. ROM cartridge slot for ROM games.
SPOT commentsthree joystick ports
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Support material
KempstonProJoystickInterface.zip2,339,646(Scanned English manual - please help typing this up!)
KempstonProJoystickInterface.jpg223,363(Hardware advertisement scan)
KempstonProJoystickInterface.jpg41,823(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Back.jpg218,611(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Back.jpg281,391(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Front.jpg282,426(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Inside.jpg270,113(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Side1.jpg264,343(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Side2.jpg281,185(Hardware picture)
KempstonProJoystickInterface_Box-Top.jpg269,021(Hardware picture)

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