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Kempston Centronics Interface E

Device nameKempston Centronics Interface E
Also known asKempston Interface E
ManufacturerKempston Micro Electronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Printing
Original price£49.99
Budget price£35.00
BlurbCentronics printer interface for your Spectrum. Fully supports all standard print commands. Onboard EPROM holds all operating code.
SPOT commentsModel E: driver in EPROM; Model S: driver in software
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Support material
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Manual.pdf1,008,575(English manual)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE.jpg94,328(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Back.jpg119,478(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Back.jpg261,453(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Front.jpg269,077(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Inside.jpg267,439(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Side1.jpg286,713(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Side2.jpg274,966(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Side3.jpg270,055(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Box-Side4.jpg242,274(Hardware picture)
KempstonCentronicsInterfaceE_Front.jpg119,134(Hardware picture)

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