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DK'Tronics Light Pen

Device nameDK'Tronics Light Pen
ManufacturerDK'Tronics Ltd (UK)
Re-manufactured byVentamatic (Spain) (as 'Ventamatic Lapiz Optico')
TypeHardware: Graphics
Original price£19.95
BlurbDraw in high resolution on your TV screen.
"This highly succesful Light Pen fits neatly onto the rear of the computer. The operating software now runs faster and supports 16 pre-defined instructions. You can change all the colours (border, paper, ink), draw circles, arcs, boxes, lines and insert text onto the screen. There are also features to draw freehand and animate on the 48K Spectrum, you can retain and animate 5 screens. You can also use the machine code on its own in your own programs."
NotesCame with the DK'Tronics Light Pen tape.
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Support material
DKTronicsLightPenV4.0_Manual.pdf160,892(English manual)
DKTronicsLightPen.jpg181,312(Hardware advertisement scan)
DKTronicsLightPen_2.gif202,631(Hardware advertisement scan)
DKTronicsLightPen.jpg54,835(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsLightPen_Back.jpg47,264(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsLightPen_PCB-Bottom.jpg45,147(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsLightPen_PCB-Top.jpg32,023(Hardware picture)

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