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DK'Tronics Keyboard

Device nameDK'Tronics Keyboard
ManufacturerDK'Tronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Keyboard
Original price£45.00
Budget price£37.50
Blurb"The DK Microdrive compatible keyboard is the best selling keyboard in the world and is used by 10% of all Spectrum users. It is Microdrive compatible and offers more key functions than any other keyboard in its price range. The stepped keys and space bar make it even easier to use. It is constructed from high density black ABS and has 52 keys and a full width space bar. A separate numeric keypad of 12 red keys, including a single entry 'delete' plus single entry decimal point, facilitate fast data entry."
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Support material
DKTronicsKeyboard_Instructions.txt4,055(English manual)
DKTronicsKeyboard_Instructions.zip1,800,835(Scanned English manual)
DKTronicsKeyboard.jpg214,740(Hardware advertisement scan)
DKTronicsKeyboard_Bottom.jpg229,884(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsKeyboard_Rear.jpg269,570(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsKeyboard_Side.jpg278,096(Hardware picture)
DKTronicsKeyboard_Top.jpg304,208(Hardware picture)

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