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Datel Genius Mouse

Device nameDatel Genius Mouse
ManufacturerDatel Electronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Mouse
Original price£39.99
BlurbHigh resolution, two button mouse. Complete with interface and OCP Art Studio software.
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Support material
DatelGeniusMouse.gif137,029(Hardware advertisement scan)
DatelGeniusMouse.jpg80,461(Hardware picture)
DatelGeniusMouse_Back.jpg98,291(Hardware picture)
DatelGeniusMouse_Front.jpg95,537(Hardware picture)
DatelGeniusMouse_Inside-Bottom.jpg94,710(Hardware picture)
DatelGeniusMouse_Inside-Top.jpg98,337(Hardware picture)
DatelGeniusMouse_Top.jpg97,715(Hardware picture)

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