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Currah MicroSpeech

Device nameCurrah MicroSpeech
ManufacturerCurrah Computer Components Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Sound/Speech
Original price£29.95
BlurbSpeech synthesis box using the SP0256-AL2 speech processor. Outputs sound via the TV.
NotesThe ROM image is available at Phil Kendall's The Spectrum ROMs Collection.
SPOT commentsspeech synthesiser
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(75 titles found)

Support material
CurrahMicroSpeech_ProgrammingManual.html31,886(English manual)
CurrahMicroSpeech_ProgrammingManual.txt26,541(English manual)
CurrahMicroSpeech.jpg110,115(Hardware advertisement scan)
CurrahMicroSpeech_2.jpg195,126(Hardware advertisement scan)
CurrahMicroSpeech_3.jpg192,966(Hardware advertisement scan)
CurrahMicroSpeech_4.jpg242,369(Hardware advertisement scan)
CurrahMicroSpeech.jpg57,784(Hardware picture)
CurrahMicroSpeech_Box-Back.jpg66,274(Hardware picture)
CurrahMicroSpeech_Box-Front.jpg66,739(Hardware picture)

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Crash2.84page 26(News/Note) [full page]
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