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Alphacom 32 Printer

Device nameAlphacom 32 Printer
ManufacturerDean Electronics Ltd (UK)
TypeHardware: Printing
Original price£79.95
Budget price£59.95
BlurbA thermal printer that was the only real rival to the Sinclair ZX Printer. Obeys standard Spectrum commands. 120 lines per min. Includes PSU and interface & through port. Size=7.25" x 3.5" x 3.5".
SPOT commentsprinter
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Support material
Alphacom32Printer_UsersManual.pdf106,580(English manual)
Alphacom32Printer.jpg135,682(Hardware picture)
Alphacom32Printer_2.jpg86,556(Hardware picture)
Alphacom32Printer_Box-Inside.jpg114,622(Hardware picture)
Alphacom32Printer_Box.jpg119,961(Hardware picture)

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