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AGF Programmable Joystick Interface

Device nameAGF Programmable Joystick Interface
ManufacturerAGF Hardware (UK)
TypeHardware: Joystick
Original price£33.95
Budget price£26.95
BlurbProgrammable - gives total software support. Rear pass-thru port. Select which keys you want to use, then look up the code on the supplied chart and clip a pair of leads into the interface.
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Support material
AGFProgrammableJoystickInterface.jpg198,033(Hardware advertisement scan)
AGFProgrammableJoystickInterface_2.jpg242,606(Hardware advertisement scan)
AGFProgrammableJoystickInterface_3.jpg222,885(Hardware advertisement scan)
AGFProgrammableJoystickInterface_4.jpg269,839(Hardware advertisement scan)
AGFProgrammableJoystickInterface.jpg526,140(Hardware picture)

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