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Escape from School

[Does not use a loading screen]
[In-game screen]
Full titleEscape from School
Year of release1989
PublisherTeachers Pet Software (UK)
Author(s)Keith Pirie
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
TypeAdventure: Text
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
Original priceunknown
AvailabilityMissing In Action!
Protection schemeUndetermined
Additional infoAppeared on side A of electronic magazine Outlet issue 081 (Outlet)
Features Illustrated Adventure
SeriesThis game belongs in the following series:
1. Birds of Britain
2. Abbreviations
3. Candidate, The
4. Countries and Capitals
5. English Towns
6. Fisherman Sam
7. Planet Mathematicus
8. Is and Are
9. Spaceman Sam
10. Safe As Houses
11. Escape from School
12. Key Board Trainer
13. Word Likeness
14. Murder Most Foul
15. unknown
16. Who Can Help?
17. Scottish Towns
18. Sailor Sam

Additional material
EscapeFromSchool.gif3,066(In-game screen)

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