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ZX25 1200bps AFSK Packet Radio Adapter

Full titleZX25 1200bps AFSK Packet Radio Adapter
Year of releaseunknown
PublisherOZ1BII (Denmark)
Author(s)Henning Andresen
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
TypeUtility: I/O Handling
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
Original priceunknown
AvailabilityMissing In Action!
Protection schemeUndetermined
Additional infoFeatures HAM Radio Software
Remarks"If you are a radio amateur, it is an adapter and an advanced program developed by OZ1BII to allow ZX Spectrum to communicate with more friends around the world! With this card using the TCM3105N and Z8530 chips you can access the amateur packet radio network if you own a radio transceiver and are the holder of a license and callsign. Single side PCB."

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