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Games Compendium

[Does not use a loading screen]
[In-game screen]
Full titleGames Compendium
Also known asSinclair Spectrum 128+2 Games Compendium
Spectrum Games Compilation
Spectrum Games Collection
Year of release1988
PublisherSinclair Research Ltd (UK)
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
Original pricenot sold separately
Protection schemeNone
RemarksVarious slightly different versions appear to exist.
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Tape 1, side A1. TimeTraxMind Games
2. Bulge, TheMC Lothlorien Ltd
3. PanicMikro-Gen Ltd
4. GlassQuicksilva Ltd
5. Rupert and the Ice CastleBug-Byte Software Ltd
Tape 1, side B1. Souls of DarkonTaskset Ltd
2. DefcomQuicksilva Ltd
3. Dr. Franky and the MonsterVirgin Games Ltd
4. Stock MarketASP Software Ltd
Tape 2, side A1. CybotronMicromania
2. WibstarsA'n'F Software
3. Nick Faldo Plays the OpenMind Games
4. Meteor StormQuicksilva Ltd
5. Death WakeQuicksilva Ltd
Tape 2, side B1. YompVirgin Games Ltd
2. Micro Mouse Goes De-buggingMC Lothlorien Ltd
3. Space IntrudersQuicksilva Ltd
4. Nick Faldo Plays the OpenMind Games
5. Death WakeQuicksilva Ltd
Tape 3, side A1. Dark EmpireMC Lothlorien Ltd
2. Fantasia DiamondHewson Consultants Ltd
3. Hocus FocusQuicksilva Ltd
4. COREA'n'F Software
5. Peter Shilton's Handball MaradonaGrandslam Entertainments Ltd
Tape 3, side B1. SpectronVirgin Games Ltd
2. Mighty MagusQuicksilva Ltd
3. HyperblasterMC Lothlorien Ltd
4. Fall of Rome, TheASP Software Ltd
Tape 4, side A1. XenoA'n'F Software
2. SnookerVisions Software Factory Ltd
3. XadomQuicksilva Ltd
4. Blood 'n' GutsQuicksilva Ltd
5. RobotoBug-Byte Software Ltd
Tape 4, side B1. QuetzalcoatlVirgin Games Ltd
2. Space CommandVirgin Games Ltd
3. LifelineMC Lothlorien Ltd
Tape 5, side A1. Mission OmegaMind Games
2. Show JumpingAlligata Software Ltd
3. Jail BreakB. Williams
4. Island, TheVirgin Games Ltd
5. Nifty LiftyVisions Software Factory Ltd
Tape 5, side B1. StarfireVirgin Games Ltd
2. Atlas Assignment, TheVirgin Games Ltd
3. Star WarriorVisions Software Factory Ltd
4. Knot in 3DNew Generation Software
Tape 6, side A1. Red ScorpionQuicksilva Ltd
2. Seiddab Attack, 3DHewson Consultants Ltd
3. Captain KellyQuicksilva Ltd
4. ArcturusVisions Software Factory Ltd
Tape 6, side B1. Two-Gun TurtleMC Lothlorien Ltd
2. Missile DefenceAnirog Software
3. 1994 - Ten Years AfterVisions Software Factory Ltd
4. Billy BongMC Lothlorien Ltd
Tape 7, side A1. Sector 90Quicksilva Ltd/Argus Press Software Ltd
2. Sodov the SorcererBug-Byte Software Ltd
3. Velnor's LairNeptune Computing
4. Realm of the UndeadExpress Programmes Company
Tape 7, side B1. Mummy! Mummy!MC Lothlorien Ltd
2. Jet Set GertieSpectrum Computing
3. ZootBug-Byte Software Ltd
4. Grid PatrolMC Lothlorien Ltd
5. XadomQuicksilva Ltd
6. Death WakeQuicksilva Ltd
Tape 8, side A1. Nether EarthArgus Press Software Ltd
2. Pi-R SquaredMind Games
3. DogsbodyBug-Byte Software Ltd
4. Flyer FoxBug-Byte Software Ltd
5. OverlordsMC Lothlorien Ltd
Tape 8, side B1. Long Way Home Volume 2: The Ludoids16/48 Tape Magazine
2. TutankhamunMicromania
3. Moon BuggyAnirog Software
4. SOSVisions Software Factory Ltd
Tape 9, side A1. Nightflite IIHewson Consultants Ltd
2. Legions of DeathMC Lothlorien Ltd
3. Strontium Dog: The KillingQuicksilva Ltd
4. Star TraderBug-Byte Software Ltd
5. Mushroom ManiaArcadia
Tape 9, side B1. Tunnel, 3DNew Generation Software
2. Bomber Bob in Pentagon CapersBug-Byte Software Ltd
3. Chess Player, TheQuicksilva Ltd
4. Strategy 1 - InvasionASP Software Ltd
Tape 10, side A1. FirestormNexus Productions Ltd
2. Agent OrangeA'n'F Software
3. RedcoatsMC Lothlorien Ltd
4. Draughts16/48 Tape Magazine
Tape 10, side B1. PlanetfallArgus Press Software Ltd
2. GridrunnerQuicksilva Ltd
3. DragonsbaneQuicksilva Ltd
4. Tube CubeComputing Today
5. Laser ZoneQuicksilva Ltd
(90 titles in this compilation)

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GamesCompendium.tzx.zip1,449,091(Perfect TZX tape image)Original release

Additional material
GamesCompendium.gif267,960(In-game screen)
GamesCompendium.jpg79,737(Compilation cassette inlay)

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