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Use and Learn

[Does not use a loading screen]
[In-game screen]
Full titleUse and Learn
Year of release1982
PublisherMiCROL (UK)
Author(s)Graham Asher
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
Original price£9.95
Protection schemeNone
RemarksCame with the book Use and Learn.
SPOT commentsmusic composer + games + utilities
Score 7.00 (1 vote)   See scores and vote!

Side A1. Digital PuffballsMiCROL
2. TankMiCROL
3. ParachuteMiCROL
4. DeflectorMiCROL
5. Music ComposerMiCROL
6. Addictive AdditionMiCROL
7. TapefileMiCROL
Side B1. Computer Term GlossaryMiCROL
2. QuizMiCROL
3. CodebreakerMiCROL
4. SentencesMiCROL
5. WorkboxMiCROL
6. Bar ChartMiCROL
7. GraphMiCROL
8. Pie ChartMiCROL
9. ConvertMiCROL
10. SortMiCROL
11. EditorMiCROL
12. Screen DesignerMiCROL
13. Memory MonitorMiCROL
14. Variables MonitorMiCROL
15. RamcheckMiCROL
(22 titles in this compilation)

Download and play links
UseAndLearn.tzx.zip43,788(Perfect TZX tape image)Original release

Additional material
UseAndLearn.gif1,772(In-game screen)

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