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Tebbit, The

Full titleTebbit, The
Year of releasenever
PublisherApplications Software Specialities (UK)
Inspired byJ.R.R. Tolkien (UK) (book: Hobbit, The)
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
TypeAdventure: Text
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationCommercial
AvailabilityNever released
AuthoringAuthored with Quill Adventure System, The
Additional infoFeatures Parody
RemarksThis was to be a political satire on Norman Tebbit, in the style of The Hobbit. The game was advertised by Applications along with their game Denis Through the Drinking Glass. The description of the game was thus:
"Join the magical quest for the elusive monetarist dream, in which you, a humble Tebbit must seek the assistance of Magdalf and Tomkin-Gee, to find and defeat the ferocious (and balding) Scarg".
The Games That Weren't website states that there are two rumours why this game was never released: the first being that the game was finished but withdrawn because of poor sales of Denis. The second is that the game was considered too sensitive after the bombing in 1984 of the Conservative party conference when Norman Tebbit was injured. They say, though, that this second reason is unlikely as Applications' adverts disappeared from magazines around May 1984 when the bombing didn't take place until October 1984.
SeriesThis game belongs in the following series:
1. Denis through the Drinking Glass
2. Tebbit, The
Other systemsThis title was also advertised for and/or published on the Atari 8-bit and Commodore 64

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Popular Computing Weekly1.84page 355(News/Note) [full page]
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Home Computing Weekly4.84page 436(Advert) [full page]
Popular Computing Weekly4.84page 246(Advert) [full page]
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ZX Computing6.84page 15(Advert) [full page]

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