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ZIP Compiler

[Does not use a cassette inlay]
Full titleZIP Compiler
Feature titleAdding ZIP!
Year of release1984
PublisherYour Spectrum (UK)
Author(s)Simon N. Goodwin, Jon A. Smith
Machine typeZX Spectrum 48K
Number of players1
TypeProgramming: BASIC
Message languageEnglish
Original publicationType-in
Original price£5.50
AvailabilityDistribution denied
Additional info Published as Type-in in issue 3, page 53
Appeared on side A of the compilation Crash Tech Tape (Crash)
Appeared on side A of covertape YS issue 85: Christmas Collection 2 (Your Sinclair)
SPOT commentsCrash Tech Tape program; Your Sinclair cover program
Score 7.00 (3 votes)   See scores and vote!

Release information
Original release48K

Additional material
ZIPCompiler.gif5,845(Loading screen)
ZIPCompiler.scr6,912(Loading screen dump)
ZIPCompiler.gif3,189(In-game screen)

Player reviews
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