Spectrum Easter eggs

Easter egg This page is part of an archive of Easter eggs in Sinclair Spectrum games and utilities. It includes hidden features, secret messages, and strange game behaviour.

This page deals specifically with hidden messages from Stuart Middleton.

Stuart Middleton of Xcel Software was somewhat notorious for including hidden messages in his BASIC loaders. These often made reference to his sister Dawn and the music of Prince.


There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (white ink on white paper).

1942   Writen by SYROX
© japan capsule computers
This loader was writen by Stuart of XCEL.
Allthough it looks very pretty and is called psychekic megga load it dident take very long to write and is therefore very easy to hack.
Special thenks to chris nash for stating the obvious
and to prince for supplying probably the best music in the world
Thankyou and goodnight
"allways look to the dawn and there you will find the light"
Lots of love, Stuart & dawn

Bomb Jack

There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (white ink on white paper): Hello, How are you, Im fine cause i know that the lord is comming, comming soon (God by prince).

How to be a Hero

There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (white ink on white paper).

First of all I would like to thank stu (car destroyer)for letting me loose  on this loader.

We would like to thank everyone and anyone who helped, hindered,or was involved in this project.
Thanks to Stu(grovel),for the program,me and my dad for the ace grafix,rob for the maps,Ade and Rich for looking cool, Ray for the DESIGNER WIGS©,and all at the Kebab house.

Thanks to Central for the amazingly brillllliant prog

TRAPDOOR   ('ello there!)

Special thanks to Dawn, for being Stu's sister,Tracey for writing all the letters, Louise,Sue & Sue for being the most beutiful people in the world,the cleaning lady for her entertaining stories,a bottle of cheese for being at the top of the stairs,and the CO-OP for producing the worlds best pineapple chunks!

There is slightly more sound in this game than there was in UNIVERSAL HERO,but still no tune,so we again suggest that you play a good record such as the PARADE album by Prince in the background!

Dont forget to look out for more superultramega games from XCEL    in the future.

Lee stevenson (grafix)


O.K, so I play universal hero now & again,,I can handle it..........................AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH! I could give up tomorrow.....if I wanted to . Could'nt I??    .It's not like i'm going to become a  programmer!

See also hidden content in loading screens.


There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (white ink on white paper).

This rather trendy loader was written for elite by stuart middleton of XCEL software as where commando,bombjack and ghosts and goblins loader


If elite's programmers are the best in the business why do they enploy someone from another company to write there loaders

Thank you for hacking this game although because it is so big you might find difficulty in hacking it and i appologise for any inconvinience

As long as prince keeps writing brilliant songs i will keep writing brilliant games
look out for new titles from XCEL and ELITE

Thankyou for your time

Stuart and Dawn

Scooby Doo

There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (white ink on white paper). "Steve" is Steve Wilcox, co-founder of Elite.

Hello again
Yes its me, the person who allways ends up doing the masters for elite games. I cant think why i dont even work for elite, i work, or should i say own xcel software
anyway they pay me enough to put my multi colored loader on there games so who's conplaning.

Its quite a nice day again isnt it. i see steve has arived in his lotus again some people have all the fun
oh well i had better get a move on, they want it done by three and its nearly twelve now,
I hope you keep listening to prince, and even if you dont i hope you keep buying games and enjoy reading all of my little messages.

You will find them on most of the new elite games and all of my games from Xcel but remember, dont tell anyone or they wont ask me to do any more, and then how will i aford that lamborgini that will look so nice next to steves lotus when i ask for more money for doing these masters.
Where was i, oh yes i was about to have another cup of coffee. goodbye till next time

lots of love (dont take that the wrong way) from stuart,
With special thanks to dawn my sister.

Universal Hero

There is a hidden message in the BASIC loader (black ink on black paper).


Due to the initial bad design of this program the programer wishes to apologise for the lack of sound which is due to memory restrictions,
To make up for this lack of sound the programer sudgests one of the prince albums to be played in the background at a large volume


Due to the size of the game you may find it hard to hack without over writing a part of the program with any kind of dissasembler you may use and you will also notice there is no way any room for basic. To overcome this problem you may erase the bottom part of memory (5B00-8000) as this is purley graphics and when any alterations have been made they may be re-patched over again.

Thankyou for buying or copying this game and i hope you have fun playing and hacking this game and i hope you find some good pokes for it.
Yours sincerly

Stuart & Dawn

© Copyright 1996-2020 Paul Equinox Collins. 

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