These are all known games that were unofficially inspired by something (i.e. not licensed). The list excludes those games with 25 or more clones - those get listed here. If we missed any, please fill us in!.

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Ali Baba1985Suzy SoftArcade: MazeAli Baba and 40 Thieves
Alien1983Cascade Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Alien Curse1984Profisoft [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-upAstro Invader
Alley's Gun1987MicroHobbyArcade: Shoot-em-upBank Panic!
Amoto's Puf1988SPEArcade: MazeHead On
Amstroids1985SpritesArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Android One1983Vortex SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Anteater1986Paradise Software [1]Arcade: ActionAnteater
Arachno Joe (minigame)2003Dinu Cristian MirceaArcade: ActionCrazy Climber
Arena 30001984MicrodealArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Armageddon1983Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMissile Command
Armageddon1983Silversoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMissile Command
Army Moves1987Dinamic SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Assault Course1990Players PremierArcade: ActionCombat School
Asteroids1985Your ComputerArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Astro Blaster1983Quicksilva LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Autorennen1983EMM SoftwareArcade: MazeHead On
Avenger1982Abacus ProgramsArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
B.A.R.F.2004Dinu Cristian MirceaArcade: Shoot-em-upGORF
Barman1986Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionTapper
Barmy Burgers1983Blaby Computer GamesArcade: PlatformBurger Time
Base Invaders1983Work ForceArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Beaky and the Egg Snatchers1984Fantasy Software [1]Arcade: PlatformJoust
Bear a Grudge1988Sinclair UserArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Harrier
Beastie Feastie2005Beyker SoftArcade: PlatformBeastie Feastie
Bip y Zap1985Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: ActionRoad Runner
Birds1983Interface Publications LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Birdy1985Your ComputerArcade: MazePengo
Blizzard's Rift2007Jonathan CauldwellArcade: ActionGravitar
Block Buster1985ZX ComputingArcade: ActionCheck Man
Block-Dizzy1992Your SinclairPuzzleColumns
Blokman1984Your ComputerArcade: ActionCheck Man
Bomb Alley1984Your ComputerArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Bounce Panic1984Poppy SoftArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Bouncing Berty1984PowersoftwareArcade: ActionQ*bert
Bow, The1987The Power HouseArcade: Shoot-em-upCrossbow
Bubble Bobble - The Adventure1993AP's AdventuresAdventure: TextBubble Bobble
BuccaneersMar EntertainmentArcade: ActionBuccaneers
Buggy Ranger1990Dinamic SoftwareArcade: ActionMoon Patrol
Burger Time2003ALEAsoftArcade: PlatformBurger Time
Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix)2011Jason J. RailtonPuzzleCosmo Gang The Puzzle
Camarero1986VideoSpectrumArcade: ActionTapper
Cannon Bubble2007Computer EmuzoneArcade: ActionPuzzle Bobble
Car2010Eddie The WildArcade: MazeHead On 2
Car Chase1982Simon Micro-SoftArcade: MazeHead On
Carnival1984Eclipse SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upCarnival
Casey Jones1984Blaby Computer GamesArcade: ActionMoon Patrol
Cavern Fighter1983Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Cavern, The1983Popular Computing WeeklyArcade: ActionPit, The
Chocman1983Hyperion SoftwareArcade: ActionCheck Man
CircusP. TolandArcade: ActionCircus
City ConnectionManuel LemosArcade: ActionCity Connection
Classic Axiens1988Bubble Bus SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Classic Invaders1990Alternative Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Coche [2]1986VideoSpectrumArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Coches Locos, Los1984MicroHobbyArcade: ActionCheck Man
Color of Magic1994Genesis/InforcomPuzzleColumns
Colour Clash1983Romik SoftwarePuzzleAmidar
Column1992Brothers SoftwarePuzzleColumns
Columns2005Computer EmuzonePuzzleColumns
Columns1991Piter LtdPuzzleColumns
Combat Zone, 3D1983Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBattlezone
Computer Bomber GameunknownArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Computer Tennis GameunknownSport: ActionPing Pong
Convoy1984Spectrum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Cosmic Debris1983Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Cotton ZX2003Javier Vispe MurArcade: ActionCotton
Cowboy1984Spectrum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Cowboy Shoot Out198416/48 Tape MagazineArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Cowboy Shootout1983Micro Power LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Crash Course1988OutletArcade: MazeHead On
Crazy Balloons1983A'n'F SoftwareArcade: MazeCrazy Balloon
Crazy Balloons1986ZX ComputingArcade: ActionCrazy Balloon
Crazy Cars1985JB SoftwareArcade: ActionJoust
Crazy Er*Bert1990Alternative Software LtdArcade: ActionQ*bert
Crazy Kong198416/48 Tape MagazineArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Crazy Kong1983Hofacker VerlagArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Crazy Pingoin1986Magic TeamArcade: MazePengo
Cubey1984Chad SoftwareArcade: ActionQ*bert
Cuddly Cuburt1983Interceptor SoftwareArcade: ActionQ*bert
Cybo Run1984CalistoArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Cybotron1983MicromaniaArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Daytona USA ZX2007Jordi GahanArcade: Race 'n' ChaseDaytona USA
Dead or Alive1995Jonathan CauldwellArcade: Shoot-em-upGunsmoke
Deep Scan2005Beyker SoftArcade: ActionDeep Scan
Deep Scan2005OCTOCOMArcade: ActionDeep Scan
Defend1983Pan Books LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Defenda1984Interstella SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Defendar1984Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Defender1983Popular Computing WeeklyArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Defender1983Sinclair ProgramsArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
De-Fusion1983Lyndenhurst LtdArcade: ActionCheck Man
Demon-Driver1983SwapArcade: ActionHead On
Devil's Island1984Home Computing WeeklyArcade: ActionBerzerk
Diamonds Downfall1994PowerPuzzleColumns
Digger Dan1983Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Dingo2011Tardis RemakesArcade: MazeDingo
Dinky Digger1983Postern LtdArcade: MazeMr. Do!
Discs of Death1985Artic Computing LtdArcade: ActionDiscs of Tron
Dodgems1983Interface Publications LtdArcade: MazeHead On
DodgemsP. TollandArcade: MazeHead On
Dodgems1985Your ComputerArcade: MazeHead On
DoDo1983Blaby Computer GamesArcade: MazePengo
Donkey Kong Jr.Sir Clive and Mr ZXArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong Junior
Donkey Kong Jr.1984Thomas BusseArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong Junior
Donkey Kong Reloaded2013Gabriele AmoreArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Dustman1984Timescape SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upRobotron: 2084
Earth Defence1984Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMissile Command
Ed-On1983Add-On Electronics LtdArcade: MazeHead On
Emilio Butragueno Futbol1988Topo Soft/Ocean Software LtdSport: ActionTehkan World Cup
Empire City1989Rocassoft Corp. LtdArcade: ActionEmpire City: 1931
Enduro1984Activision IncArcade: Race 'n' ChaseDriving Force
Escalador Loco, El1983VentamaticArcade: ActionCrazy Climber
Escape1984Big KArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Escape from Alderon1986Magnum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Eskimo Eddie1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: MazePengo
Exterminator1983Silversoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upRobotron: 2084
Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys!2008Cronosoft [2]Arcade: MazeLady Bug
Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc!2006Cronosoft [2]Arcade: MazeMr. Do!
F.I.R.E.1988FuxoftArcade: Shoot-em-upGradius
Flippul1997A. BazarkinArcade: ActionPlotting
Freez'Bees1984Silversoft LtdArcade: MazePengo
Frenzy1982Quicksilva LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Frenzy1983Spectrum Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Galactians1983DK'Tronics LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galactic Abductors1983Anirog SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upStratovox
Galactic Trooper1984Romik SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upAstro Invader
Galakzions1983Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galaxian IIIWorld XXI Soft IncArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galaxians1982Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galaxians1984Microparadise SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Galaxy Warlords1983R&R Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Geister FahrerunknownArcade: MazeHead On
Ghosty1986Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionQ*bert
Giant Millipede1983Richard Z. DesforgesArcade: ActionMillipede
Gigino&Gigetta1987Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionCircus
Gilligan's Gold1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformBagman
Gimme Bright2011ClimacusArcade: PlatformCity Connection
Gold Digger1983Blaby Computer GamesArcade: ActionMr. Do!
Gorila1986Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Gorila, El1985MicroHobbyArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Grid-Run1983Arcade SoftwareArcade: MazeHead On
Grid Trap1986LiveWire SoftwareArcade: ActionCheck Man
Ground Attack1982Silversoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants1990Hi-Tec Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Guardian, The1983PSSArcade: Shoot-em-upTempest
Halaga1985Interceptor SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaga
Hard Cheese1983DK'Tronics LtdArcade: MazeMr. Do!
High Noon1983Work ForceArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Hoverkraft1985Andreas Zallmann SoftwareArcade: ActionMoon Patrol
How to be a Hero1987Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade: MazeGauntlet
Hubert1984Blaby Computer GamesArcade: ActionQ*bert
Human Killing Machine1988US Gold LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upStreet Fighter
Humphrey1988Zigurat SoftwareArcade: ActionMustache Boy
Hunchback II1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformHunchback
Hunchy1983Mr. Micro LtdArcade: PlatformHunchback
Hunchy1983Your ComputerArcade: PlatformHunchback
Ice Attack1984QBITArcade: MazePengo
Ice Block1987MicroHobbyArcade: MazePengo
Ini-Rip1987Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: Shoot-em-upPooyan
InterceptorEdicielArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
IntrudersERE InformatiqueArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invaders1982Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invaders1986Design Design SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invaders1983DK'Tronics LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invaders1983Pan Books LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invaders1985Spectrum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invasion1982J.K. Greye Enterprises LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invasion1984VideoSpectrumArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Invasion of the Body Snatchas!1983Crystal ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Joust1983SoftekArcade: ActionJoust
Jum*bert1986Your ComputerArcade: ActionQ*bert
Jump1984VentamaticArcade: ActionCrazy Climber
Jungle King1985Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionJungle King
Junior CongInterstella SoftwareArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong Junior
Kamikaze1982J.K. Greye Enterprises LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Kamikaze Buggie!1984Tweety Soft LtdArcade: ActionMoon Patrol
Kick Box Vigilante1991Zeppelin Games LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upYie Ar Kung-Fu
Killer Kong1983Blaby Computer GamesArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
King Kong1983Your ComputerArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
King-Kong1984ZX ComputingArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Komando 21992Ultrasoft [2]Arcade: Shoot-em-upCommando
Kong1983Anirog SoftwareArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Kong1983Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Kongo1984National Extension College Trust LtdArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Kong's Revenge1991Zigurat SoftwareArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Kong Strikes Back1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: PlatformMr. Do's Wild Ride
Krazy Kong1982C-TechArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Krazy Kong1983PSSArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Kwik Snax1990Code Masters LtdArcade: ActionPengo
LA Drugs Bust1990Players SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upOperation Wolf
Lancer Lords1983Rabbit Software LtdArcade: PlatformJoust
Lifter1984Your ComputerArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Loco-Motion1985Mastertronic LtdPuzzleLoco-Motion
Lunar Attack1984K'Soft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Lunaris2004Jonathan CauldwellArcade: ActionGravitar
Luna Rover1985Data Design SystemsArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Lunar Rescue1983CRL Group PLCArcade: ActionLunar Rescue
Lunar Rescue1983LyversoftArcade: ActionLunar Rescue
Lunar Rescue1983Popular Computing WeeklyArcade: ActionLunar Rescue
Mad Mix 21990Topo SoftArcade: MazePac-Mania
Mage Cage1983Micro AdventurerArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Magic Block1995DAB LabsPuzzleColumns
Magic Meanies1983CDS MicrosystemsArcade: MazeMr. Do!
Main Blow, The1994InforcomArcade: ActionSilkworm
Majikazo2012RetroWorksArcade: MazeToy Pop
Mario il Temerario1985Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Master TetrisA.K.PuzzleColumns
Maze Death Race1983PSSArcade: MazeRally-X
Mega-Apocalypse1988Martech Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMad Planets
Mega-Bert1986Your SinclairArcade: ActionQ*bert
Megaphoenix1991Dinamic SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upPhoenix
Mega Xonix1994Dimitry VolvachArcade: ActionQix
Meteoroids1982DK'Tronics LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Meteoroids1982SoftekArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Meteor Storm1982Quicksilva LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Metropolis1989Topo SoftArcade: Gang beat-em-upTrojan
Mike's Strike1988Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionMario Bros
Millimon1984Artic Computing LtdArcade: ActionMillipede
Millipede1984QED SystemsArcade: ActionMillipede
Millipede1983SoftekArcade: ActionMillipede
Millipede1986Spectrum ComputingArcade: ActionMillipede
Millypede1984Add-On Electronics LtdArcade: ActionMillipede
Mision 51985MicroHobbyArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Missile Defence1983Anirog SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upMissile Command
Mission Elevator1988KixxArcade: AdventureElevator Action
Monkey Biznes1983Artic Computing LtdArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Monsters in Hell1983SoftekArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Moon Alert1984Ocean Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Moon Buggy1983Anirog SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Moon Buggy1983Visions Software Factory LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Moon PatrolunknownArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Moon Patrol2003Jose Maria Gonzalez OndinaArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Moon Strike1987Mirrorsoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upXevious
Mortal Kombat1997AWS/Mafia P.C.Arcade: Solo beat-em-upMortal Kombat
Mortal KombatNickolay VorobyevArcade: Solo beat-em-upMortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat1997XL-Design IncArcade: Solo beat-em-upMortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat II2004Perspective GroupArcade: Solo beat-em-upMortal Kombat II
Mummy! Mummy!1984MC Lothlorien LtdArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Mushroom Alley1984Mogul Communications LtdArcade: ActionMillipede
NATO Assault Course1988CRL Group PLCArcade: AdventureCombat School
Night Driver1984Abacus ProgramsArcade: Race 'n' ChaseNight Driver
Ninja Scooter Simulator1988Silverbird Software LtdArcade: ActionMetro-Cross
Octipede198516/48 Tape MagazineArcade: ActionMillipede
Oh Mummy1984Gem SoftwareArcade: MazeAmidar
Orbiter1982Silversoft LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Oso Bobo1985MicroHobbyArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Ostron1983SoftekArcade: ActionJoust
Outlaw1990Players PremierArcade: Shoot-em-upGunsmoke
Pandemonia1983CRL Group PLCArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Panic1984Ian M. CollierArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Panic1983Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Panic1983PSSArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Para Academy1990Zeppelin Games LtdSport: ActionCombat School
Para Assault Course1988Zeppelin Games LtdArcade: ActionCombat School
Penetrator1983Melbourne HouseArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Pengo1985MicroHobbyArcade: MazePengo
Pengy1983MicromaniaArcade: MazePengo
Pengy1985Mogul Communications LtdArcade: MazePengo
Pheenix1983Megadodo SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upPhoenix
Phoenix1983Robert SpahlArcade: Shoot-em-upPhoenix
Pi-Balled1984Automata UK LtdArcade: ActionQ*bert
Piggy1985Spectrum ComputingArcade: ActionMr. Do!
Pingo1984Profisoft [1]Arcade: MazePengo
Ping Pong1984Ronny NordqvistArcade: MazePengo
Pioneer1984Atlantis Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Planeta ZX1985Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Planet FighterunknownArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Planetoids1982Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAsteroids
Pogo1983Ocean Software LtdArcade: ActionQ*bert
Pole Position1984C&VGArcade: Race 'n' ChasePole Position
Pole Position IIDatasoft IncArcade: Race 'n' ChasePole Position II
PongounpublishedArcade: ActionPengo
Pongo1984Your ComputerArcade: MazePengo
Poojan1985ZX ComputingArcade: ActionPooyan
PooyanM. MarxArcade: ActionPooyan
Popie1984unpublishedArcade: PlatformPopeye
Potty Painter1983Rabbit Software LtdPuzzleAmidar
Poyans1986Special PlaygamesArcade: ActionPooyan
Prohibition1987InfogramesArcade: ActionEmpire City: 1931
Punchy1983Mr. Micro LtdArcade: PlatformHunchback
Pyramid1984Sinclair UserArcade: ActionQ*bert
Qang1991ScorpionArcade: ActionPang
Q*BertunknownArcade: ActionQ*bert
Q*Bert1984J. NeighbourArcade: ActionQ*bert
Q-BertusunknownArcade: ActionQ*bert
Q-Burt1984Personal Computer GamesArcade: ActionQ*bert
QiZX2007Eduardo ForniesArcade: ActionQix
QS Defenda 812003Russell MarksArcade: ActionDefender
Quackers1983Rabbit Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upCarnival
Quackshot1985SparklersArcade: MazeTutankham
Qubert1984HomecomputerArcade: ActionQ*bert
Ramparts1988Go!Arcade: ActionRampage
Raw Recruit1988Mastertronic Added DimensionArcade: Shoot-em-upCombat School
Red Fred1985C&VG (Gamebook)Arcade: ActionQ*bert
Renegade III1989Imagine Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upRenegade
Repulsar1983SoftekArcade: Shoot-em-upMissile Command
Retroinvaders2011ClimacusArcade: Shoot-em-upGyruss
Return to the Moon1991Tlauli-ranArcade: Shoot-em-upMoon Patrol
Rifle Range1984Mastertronic LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upCarnival
Road Racers1983Artic Computing LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseRally-X
Robot Chase1982Phipps AssociatesArcade: ActionBerzerk
Robotron1985Krypton ForceArcade: Shoot-em-upRobotron: 2084
Robo Xonix1994Chemist SoftArcade: ActionQix
Rocket Command1983Spectrum Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Rock'n Roller1988Topo SoftArcade: Race 'n' ChaseRally-X
Rommel's Revenge1983Crystal ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upBattlezone
R-Type III1992Tlauli-ranArcade: Shoot-em-upR-Type
Rygar - Legendary Warrior1987YOXArcade: ActionRygar - Legendary Warrior
Ryu vs. Chun-Li1992LOKOsoftArcade: Gang beat-em-upStreet Fighter II: The World Warrior
Sam Spade1983Silversoft LtdArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Satan1989Dinamic SoftwareArcade: PlatformBlack Tiger
School Panic1987Thrydhent Vision SystemsArcade: Shoot-em-upBank Panic!
Scramble1984Krypton ForceArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Scramble1983Mikro-Gen LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Scramble1984VentamaticArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Sharkeys Moll1991Zeppelin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upOperation Wolf
Shisen1k2002Paolo FerrarisPuzzleShisenshou Joshiryou-Hen
Shooting Gallery1985Your SpectrumArcade: Shoot-em-upCarnival
Shoot Out1985Your SpectrumArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Showdown1983Artic Computing LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Showdown in Tombstone City1985Computer KontaktArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Silver Gun1988MicroHobbyArcade: Shoot-em-upBank Panic!
Skoczek1988Jaroslaw PuszkoArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Space Defender1983Spectrum ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Space Evaders1985Your ComputerArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Space Intruders1982Hewson Consultants LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Space Intruders1982Quicksilva LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Space Invaders1983Robert SpahlArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Space Raiders1982Sinclair Research LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Spark1985Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: MazeHead On
Speccy Bros2012ClimacusArcade: PlatformSnow Bros
Specman1982Pi SoftwareArcade: MazeHead On
Spectral Invaders1982Bug-Byte Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Spectral Panic1983Hewson Consultants LtdArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Spectron1983Virgin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Spectrum Invaders1983Melbourne HouseArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Spectrum Scramble1982Work ForceArcade: Shoot-em-upScramble
Specvaders1983Hewson Consultants LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Spellbound1984Beyond SoftwareArcade: ActionQ*bert
Spherical1989Rainbow ArtsArcade: PlatformSolomon's Key
Spinvaders1983Sinclair ProgramsArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Squamble1993Jonathan CauldwellArcade: ActionScramble
Squares1985Zuheir UrwaniArcade: ActionAmidar
Stampabout1984Your SpectrumArcade: ActionCheck Man
Starblitz1984Softek International LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Starclash1983MicromegaArcade: Shoot-em-upAstro Fighter
Star Firebirds1985Insight SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Firebird
Star Runner1987Code Masters LtdArcade: ActionMetro-Cross
Starstrike, 3D1984Realtime Games Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars
Stek1990MPF SoftwarePuzzleColumns
Stelar1984VentamaticArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Stomp1985Omega Software LtdArcade: ActionCheck Man
Stop That There Alien!!!!1984David SwannArcade: Shoot-em-upDefender
Storm1986Mastertronic LtdArcade: MazeGauntlet
Straznik Banku1989MXKArcade: Shoot-em-upBank Panic!
Striker1988MicroHobbyArcade: ActionAmidar
Supercharger1984Starzone SoftwareArcade: ActionPole Position
Super Cobra1983Robert SpahlArcade: Shoot-em-upSuper Cobra
Super Digger1984Abacus ProgramsArcade: PlatformSpace Panic
Super Invaders1983Winters LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upSpace Invaders
Tales of the Arabian Nights1985Interceptor SoftwareArcade: PlatformArabian
Tank Battle2013Illusion WorksArcade: ActionBattle City
Tank Duel, 3D1984Realtime Games Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upBattlezone
Target: Renegade1988Imagine Software LtdArcade: Gang beat-em-upRenegade
Tempest1983EMM SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upTempest
Terrapin1985Your ComputerArcade: MazeTurtles
Terra-Plen1987Thrydhent Vision SystemsArcade: ActionMoon Patrol
Tet-BlockCyber TeamPuzzleColumns
Teufels-Fahrer1984WicosoftArcade: MazeHead On
Thrust1986Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGravitar
Thrust II1987Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGravitar
Thunderhawk1984LyversoftArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Timebomb1984CDS MicrosystemsArcade: ActionCheck Man
Time Flight1986The Power HouseArcade: MazeTime Pilot
Time for Action1986Computer GamerArcade: ActionCheck Man
TNT1984Newtech Publishing LtdArcade: ActionCheck Man
Train Kombat2012AERArcade: ActionMortal Kombat
Transmuter1987Code Masters LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGradius
Traverse Spain1988X SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseTraverse USA
Tripods1986Sinclair UserArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
Tumler1983Viking SoftwareArcade: ActionCircus
Turtle Timewarp1984Softstone LtdPuzzleTurtles
Tutankhamun1983MicromaniaArcade: MazeTutankham
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 31999SC Studio GCG/REMADE CorporationArcade: Solo beat-em-upUltimate Mortal Kombat 3
Universe1983U.T.S.Tactical CombatBerzerk
Vaquero1985VideoSpectrumArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Vegetable Crash1984Kuma Computers LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
Video Olimpic1984Dinamic SoftwareSport: ActionTrack & Field
VolfiedEmpire SoftwareArcade: ActionVolfied
Wally Kong1984Walltone SoftwareArcade: PlatformDonkey Kong
Wally Meets the Thingys1984Sinclair UserArcade: ActionBerzerk
Warlords1985Century Software [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-upJoust
Well 2, The2006Beyker SoftArcade: MazeMr. Driller
Well, The2006Beyker SoftArcade: MazeMr. Driller
West Bank1985Dinamic SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upBank Panic!
Who Dares Wins II1986Alligata Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upCommando
Wild West Hero1983Timescape SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upRobotron: 2084
Wild West Shoot-Out1983ZX ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upBoot Hill
Willibald1984Zuheir UrwaniArcade: MazePengo
Winged Warlords1983CDS MicrosystemsArcade: ActionJoust
Wizard of Wor2007Weird Science SoftwareArcade: ActionWizard of Wor
Wizard's Warriors, The1983AbersoftArcade: MazeWizard of Wor
Worm1995Aleksey VashinArcade: ActionBlockade
Xarax1988Firebird Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upXevious
Xevious - The Arcade Game!1986Maz H. SporkArcade: Shoot-em-upXevious
Xixit1999Real SoftwarePuzzleColumns
Xonix1987A. SurnaArcade: ActionQix
Xonix1991C&CArcade: ActionQix
Xonix1994Vlad CorpArcade: ActionQix
Zaxxan1983Starzone SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upZaxxon
ZaxxonD. BoettcherArcade: Shoot-em-upZaxxon
Z-Fred1984Popular Computing WeeklyArcade: ActionQ*bert
Zolyx1988Firebird Software LtdArcade: ActionQix
Zombies!1983Century Software [1]Arcade: ActionBerzerk
Zombies1983Interface Publications LtdArcade: ActionBerzerk
ZX Berserk1982Jega SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upBerzerk
ZX Columns2005Compiler SoftwarePuzzleColumns
ZX Galaxians2004Russell MarksArcade: Shoot-em-upGalaxian
(422 titles listed)
19841984Amazing Games [1]Educational1984
221b Baker StreetDatasoft IncArcade: AdventureSherlock Holmes
40 Sermon Outlines for Busy Preachers1984Melvyn HamiltonDomesticThe Holy Bible
Abadia del Crimen, La1988Opera Soft S.A.Arcade: AdventureName of the Rose, The
Adventures of Buratino1993Copper FeetArcade: AdventureGolden Key, or the Adventures of Buratino, The
Adventures of Chipolin1995LABArcade: AdventureAvventure di Cipollino, Le
Alicia en el Pais de las MaravillasDaniSoftAdventure: TextAlice in Wonderland
Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas1985MicroHobbyAdventure: TextAlice in Wonderland
Amo del Mundo1990PositiveArcade: ActionRobur the Conqueror
Ankh-MorporkunknownAdventure: TextTerry Pratchett
Boggit, The1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextHobbit, The
Bored of the Rings1985Delta 4 SoftwareAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Bram Stoker's Dracula2012Steve WestwoodAdventure: GraphicDracula
Bulbo and the Lizard-King1987Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Case of the Beheaded Smuggler, The1988Mental ImagesAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
Conan - Spotkanie w krypcie1987MiC SoftwareAdventure: TextThe Thing in the Crypt
Crawling Horror, The1990Year Zero SoftwareAdventure: TextCrawling Horror, The
Crusoe1984Automata UK LtdAdventure: GraphicRobinson Crusoe
Cueva del Tiempo, La1991Rocassoft Corp. LtdAdventure: TextCave of Time, The
Dante's InfernoBeyond SoftwareArcade: AdventureInferno, The
Dark House1993Arkham SoftwareAdventure: TextDark House
Denis through the Drinking Glass1983Applications Software SpecialitiesAdventure: TextAlice through the Looking-Glass
Don Quijote de la Mancha1989Aventuras Level 10Adventure: TextDon Quijote de la Mancha
Don't Panic - Panic Now1986Dented DesignsAdventure: TextHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The
Doomdark's Revenge1984Beyond SoftwareStrategy: WarLord of the Rings
Dracula1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextDracula
Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The1988Bolsoftware Communications LtdAdventure: TextDream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The
Dr. Franky and the Monster1984Virgin Games LtdArcade: PlatformFrankenstein
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde1988The Essential MythAdventure: TextDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr Hyde1989MorbosoftAdventure: TextDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Erik: Phantom of the Opera1987CrysysArcade: PlatformPhantom of the Opera
Espia, El1992PAC SoftAdventure: TextRear Window
Everyday Tale of a Seeker of Gold, An1986Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Eye of the Moon, TheBeyond SoftwareStrategy: WarLord of the Rings
Four Minutes to Midnight19858th Day SoftwareAdventure: TextStand, The
Frankenstein1987CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextFrankenstein
Frankenstein 20001985Icon Software LtdArcade: ActionFrankenstein
Frank N Stein1984PSSArcade: PlatformFrankenstein
Frank N Stein Re-booted2011Colin StewartArcade: PlatformFrankenstein
Frontier of Warriors: Mayday Call, The2007Zeropolis ElementAdventure: TextFrontier of Warriors, The
Fuddo & Slam1988Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Hacedor de Suenos, El1988El-Afar/Luis RoyoAdventure: TextStatement of Randolph Carter, The
Harry Potter Adventure2009Zeropolis ElementAdventure: TextHarry Potter
Harry the Magical2005C.M. GillesAdventure: RPGHarry Potter
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden2006C.M. GillesAdventure: RPGHarry Potter
Harry the Magical: Harry and the Orden+2008C.M. GillesAdventure: RPGHarry Potter
Harry the Magical: The Hero Hallows2010C.M. GillesAdventure: RPGHarry Potter
High Mountains, The1984Personal Computer NewsAdventure: TextTripods, The
Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, The1983Estuary Software ProductsAdventure: TextHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The
Hobbit, El2012Alejandro ValeroAdventure: GraphicHobbit, The
Hobbit, El2012J.B.G.V.Arcade: PlatformHobbit, The
Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut), El2013The Mojon TwinsArcade: AdventureHobbit, The
Hunchback - The Adventure1986Ocean Software LtdAdventure: TextHunchback of Notre Dame, The
Inferno, The1984Richard Shepherd Software LtdAdventure: TextInferno, The
Isla del Tesoro, La3PSOFTAdventure: TextTreasure Island
Isla del Tesoro, LaIndescomp S.A.Arcade: AdventureTreasure Island
Lords of Midnight, The1984Beyond SoftwareStrategy: WarLord of the Rings
Lost World, The1986Walter PooleyAdventure: TextLost World, The
Malice in Blunderland1986Spectrum ComputingAdventure: TextAlice in Wonderland
Malice in Blunderland1985The GuildAdventure: TextAlice in Wonderland
Minas Morgul1986Load 'n' Run [IT]Adventure: TextLord of the Rings
Miser, The1990River SoftwareAdventure: TextA Christmas Carol
Mluvici Balik1992Proxima SoftwareAdventure: TextTalking Parcel, The
Mundo Fantastico1989DT SoftAdventure: TextUnendliche Geschichte, Die
Mundo Perdido del Profesor Seldon, El1993Jesus Pedrosa VidalAdventure: TextLost World, The
Murder Off Miami1987CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextThree Inquisitive People
Murders in the Rue Morgue1987Bluff RelayAdventure: TextMurders in the Rue Morgue
Mystery of Arkham Manor1984Apocalypse SoftwareArcade: ActionMystery of Arkham Manor, The
Mystery of Arkham Manor, The1987Melbourne HouseAdventure: GraphicMystery of Arkham Manor, The
Narnia-11995Megasoft [5]Adventure: TextChronicles of Narnia, The
Narnia-21995Megasoft [5]Adventure: TextChronicles of Narnia, The
Noma della Rosa, Il1993PerpetumArcade: AdventureName of the Rose, The
Nomen Rosae1988MicroHobbyArcade: MazeName of the Rose, The
Ojo del Dragon, El1990Wazertown WorksAdventure: TextEye of the Dragon, The
O Mundo PerdidounpublishedAdventure: TextLost World, The
Pass Your Driving Test1986Audiogenic Software LtdEducationalAre You Ready For Your Driving Test?
Peter Pan1984Hodder & Stoughton LtdAdventure: TextPeter Pan
Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles1991Zeppelin Games LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upAround the World in 80 Days
Piknik u Cesty1990Regent SoftwareAdventure: TextRoadside Picnic
Pilgrim's Progress1984The Scripture UnionAdventure: TextPilgrim's Progress, The
Price of Magik, The1986Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: TextPrice of Magik, The
Rebel Planet1986US Gold LtdAdventure: TextRebel Planet
Redweed1983MC Lothlorien LtdTactical CombatWar of the Worlds
Romeo and Juliet1988AvonsoftAdventure: TextRomeo and Juliet
Sagan om Ringen1984Peter TjernstromAdventure: TextLord of the Rings
Shakespeare - Henry IV Part One1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalHenry IV
Shakespeare - Julius Caesar1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalJulius Caesar
Shakespeare - Macbeth1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalMacbeth
Shakespeare - Merchant of Venice1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalMerchant of Venice
Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalRomeo and Juliet
Shakespeare - Twelfth Night1984Penguin Study SoftwareEducationalTwelfth Night
Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Witsend1987SpeccysoftAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
Sherlock1984Melbourne HouseAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: A Matter of Evil1988Creative JuicesAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: The Lamberley Mystery1990Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: Traja Garridebovia1987SybilasoftAdventure: TextSherlock Holmes
S&S Parapsychologists1994Arkham SoftwareAdventure: TextS&S Parapsychologists
Stalker1992J.H.C.S.Adventure: TextRoadside Picnic
Stalker1997X-Project AssociationTactical CombatRoadside Picnic
Sueno Profundo, El1993Sindicato del SoftwareAdventure: TextStatement of Randolph Carter, The
Tangled Tale, A1985D. WatsonAdventure: TextAlice in Wonderland
Team Yankee - The Action GameEmpire SoftwareArcade: ActionTeam Yankee
Tebbit, TheApplications Software SpecialitiesAdventure: TextHobbit, The
Templo de la Llama, El2006Jaime Tejedor GomezAdventure: TextTemple of Flame, The
Ten Little Indians1984Digital FantasiaAdventure: TextAnd Then There Were None
Three Musketeers, The1986Computer NovelsAdventure: GraphicThree Musketeers, The
Torre Oscura, La1993Alien SoftwareAdventure: TextDark Tower, The
TrasochinThomas' SoftwareAdventure: TextTrasochin
Treasure Island1984Mr. Micro LtdArcade: ActionTreasure Island
Treasure Island1991River SoftwareAdventure: TextTreasure Island
Vengador (La Senda del Tigre I)1993Jesus Pedrosa VidalAdventure: TextAvenger!
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra1989Topo SoftArcade: ActionJourney to the Center of Earth
Viaje al Centro de la Tierra: Version Extendida2007Topo Siglo XXIArcade: ActionJourney to the Center of Earth
War of the Worlds1983Meow MicrosArcade: ActionWar of the Worlds
War of the Worlds1983Oscar SystemsArcade: Shoot-em-upWar of the Worlds
White Feather Cloak, The1992G.I. GamesAdventure: TextMarc Peirson
Whitman Day1992Advanced Adventure CreationsAdventure: TextWhitman Day
Winnie-the-Pooh1996SoftlandArcade: AdventureWinnie-the-Pooh
Winnie-the-Pooh 2SoftlandArcade: AdventureWinnie-the-Pooh
Witcher, The2000EYE Qe-BookWitcher, The
You Can Be the Stainless Steel Rat1997Rome'r SoftwareAdventure: TextThe Stainless Steel Rat
Zone the Last Stalker1999TNT SectorArcade: AdventureRoadside Picnic
(122 titles listed)
Caputxeta's New Tale1991Hispanis AdventuresAdventure: TextLittle Red Riding Hood
Hansel and Gretel1984ArrowEducationalHansel and Gretel
Patufet1986MicroHobbyArcade: PlatformPatufet
Red Riding Hood1984ArrowEducationalLittle Red Riding Hood
Snow Queen, The1985Mosaic Publishing LtdAdventure: TextSnow Queen, The
(6 titles listed)
Bob Esponja -La Aventura-2010SPECTRAVENTURAAdventure: TextSpongeBob SquarePants
Flintstones, The1998CrushersArcade: ActionFlintstones, The
Homer Simpson 2: In Russia Again2001MG & CoArcade: AdventureSimpsons, The
Homer Simpson in Russia1998MG & CoArcade: AdventureSimpsons, The
Krtek a Auticko1990Proxima SoftwareArcade: ActionKrtek
Les Flics1984PSSArcade: AdventurePink Panther
Nu, Pogodi!1995TitanicArcade: ActionNu, Pogodi!
Road Racer1983Hyperion SoftwareArcade: Race 'n' ChaseRoad Runner
Towdie1994Ultrasoft [2]Arcade: AdventureGummi Bears, The
(9 titles listed)
13 Rue del Percebe1992Pepsi SoftAdventure: Text13, Rue del Percebe
Arthur1993RenesoftArcade: AdventureArthur le Fantome Justicier
Big Trouble!1986Suzy SoftArcade: AdventureThe Smurfs
Cattivik2013Gabriele AmoreArcade: AdventureCattivik
DragonBall: El Desafio del Doctor Gero2011Kabuto FactoryAdventure: Dungeon CrawlDragon Ball
En Busca de Mortadelo1988Alfonso Fernandez BorroArcade: ActionMortadelo y Filemon
Flush Gordon1988Creative JuicesAdventure: TextFlash Gordon
Guust Flater Puzzel1985Sinclair GebruikerPuzzleGuust Flater
Hundimiento del Titanic, El1986ZXArcade: ActionMortadelo y Filemon
Lucky Luke1990Rocassoft Corp. LtdArcade: ActionLucky Luke
Mortadelo y Filemon en el Faro1991LOKOsoftArcade: ActionMortadelo y Filemon
Morta y File1985ZXArcade: ActionMortadelo y Filemon
Pitufos, Los1991Pepsi SoftAdventure: TextThe Smurfs
Rychle Sipy: Zahada Hlavolamu1988Majasoft/CIDsoftAdventure: TextRychle Sipy
Rychle Sipy 2: Stinadla Se Bouri1990MS-CIDAdventure: TextRychle Sipy
Schlumpf1983Hartmut FiebigArcade: AdventureThe Smurfs
Strumf1993Alexandru SimionArcade: AdventureThe Smurfs
Strumpfovi1985XenonAdventure: TextThe Smurfs
Super Lopez - El Senor de los Chupetes1989Rino-SoftAdventure: TextSuperlopez
(19 titles listed)
30 Segundos Sobre Tokio1986Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: Shoot-em-upThirty Seconds over Tokyo
Alien [2]1988Load 'n' Run [IT]Adventure: TextAlien
Aliens1987Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: Shoot-em-upAliens
Batman: The Puaj Edition1989Micro HouseArcade: ActionBatman
Blood 'n' Guts1984Quicksilva LtdArcade: MazeFantastic Voyage
Blues Brothers, The1995Rock'n'SoftArcade: ActionBlues Brothers, The
Bride of Frankenstein198739 StepsArcade: AdventureBride of Frankenstein
Buckaroo Banzai1987Adventure InternationalAdventure: TextAdventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, The
Chostembustes III1993LOKOsoftArcade: ActionGhost Busters
Chostembustes II v.21993LOKOsoftArcade: ActionGhost Busters
Dark Star1984Design Design SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upDark Star
Deathstar1985Amazing Games [1]Arcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Death Star1984Rabbit Software LtdArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Die Hard II1999REMADE CorporationArcade: ActionDie Hard 2
Dominion1991PandoraArcade: AdventureAliens
ETa1982Automata UK LtdArcade: AdventureE.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Fantastic Voyage1983Kenneth A. SpencerArcade: MazeFantastic Voyage
Forbidden Planet1986Design Design SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upDark Star
Freddy Kruger Live1993Freddy SoftArcade: AdventureNightmare On Elm Street, A
Ghost&Booster1987Load 'n' Run [IT]Arcade: ActionGhost Busters
Ghostbusters1986Rafael Vico CostaAdventure: TextGhost Busters
Ghost Embustes 2 v.11990LOKOsoftArcade: ActionGhost Busters
Great Escape, The1986Ocean Software LtdArcade: AdventureGreat Escape, The
Gremlins1986Magnum ComputingArcade: ActionGremlins
Guerra de las Vajillas, La1988Dinamic SoftwareAdventure: TextStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Heresville1990Wazertown WorksAdventure: TextNight of the Living Dead
Hundra1988Dinamic SoftwareArcade: AdventureHundra
Indiana Jones: A Chram Zkazy1985FuxoftAdventure: TextIndiana Jones
Indiana Jones 21987FuxoftAdventure: TextIndiana Jones
Indiana Jones 31990FuxoftAdventure: TextIndiana Jones
Indiana Jones 4: A Zlata Soska Keltu1990FuxoftAdventure: TextIndiana Jones
Indy1987MicroHobbyAdventure: TextIndiana Jones
Interrogacion1990Juana Pueblo SoftAdventure: TextYoung Frankenstein
Last Jedi, The1984Amazing Games [1]Adventure: TextStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Matrix, TheFenomenArcade: ActionMatrix, The
Metal Man1997Oleg OriginArcade: ActionRoboCop
Misterio del Nilo, El1987Zigurat SoftwareArcade: ActionJewel of the Nile, The
Myth II: Return to Hell2008Denis KuznetsovArcade: AdventureIndiana Jones
Octopussy1992Ultrasoft [2]Arcade: AdventureOctopussy
Raider of the Forgotten Ark1984SpectrasoftArcade: ActionRaiders of the Lost Ark
Raster Runner1990Mastertronic PlusArcade: ActionTron
Return of the Jedy1983M.K. CircuitsArcade: ActionStar Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi
Rex Hard1987Mister ChipArcade: AdventureIndiana Jones
Robin HoodWorld XXI Soft IncArcade: ActionRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Rocky1985Dinamic SoftwareSport: ActionRocky
Secret Mission 007 James Bond1987Petr SpadAdventure: TextUnited Artists Inc/Eon Productions
SexiMatrix2000Mistic JOEAdventure: TextMatrix, The
Starfighter1986Rocassoft Corp. LtdArcade: ActionLast Starfighter, The
Star Flaws1991Delbert the Hamster SoftwareAdventure: TextStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
T1 - Secret Document2010AERArcade: Shoot-em-upTerminator, The
Thirty-Nine Steps, The1995Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: Text39 Steps, The
TRaceON1983Work ForceArcade: ActionTron
Vectron1985Insight SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upTron
Werewolves of London1989Mastertronic LtdArcade: AdventureAn American Werewolf in London
Wicker Woman, The2011Monster's Legs ProductionsAdventure: TextWicker Man, The
Wizard of Land Oz1997Famous Faces FactoryArcade: AdventureWizard of Oz, The
Wizard of Oz, The1995Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextWizard of Oz, The
Zombi1990Ubi Soft LtdArcade: AdventureDawn of the Dead
Zona 01991Topo SoftArcade: ActionTron
(60 titles listed)
07 Zglos SieKuba RozpruwaczAdventure: Text07 Zglos Sie
Adventures of Bond, Basildon Bond, TheProbe Software LtdArcade: AdventureAdventures of Bond, Basildon Bond, The
ArrivalStephen PrestonAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Babylon 51999TrollsAdventure: GraphicBabylon 5
Beast EndersPiranhaAdventure: TextEastEnders
Bimbles, The1986IntechAdventure: TextWombles, The
Blue Hellfire2007World XXI Soft IncArcade: Shoot-em-upBlue Thunder
Chip and Dale2002Triumph Game LabsArcade: ActionChip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Dallas1983CCSStrategy: ManagementDallas
Deadenders1989Top Ten SoftwareAdventure: TextEastEnders
Des Chiffres et Des Lettres2011Henri PilletQuizDes Chiffres et Des Lettres
Des Chiffres et Des Lettres Pro2012Henri PilletQuizDes Chiffres et Des Lettres
Doctor Goo and the Samorons1988Global Games [1]CompilationDoctor Who
Doctor What!1986CRL Group PLCArcade: AdventureDoctor Who
Doctor What?1988Mega-Soft [2]Arcade: PlatformDoctor Who
Dr Watt and the Darlics1984Jaxsoft SoftwareAdventure: TextDoctor Who
Faulty Towers1984Harbour SoftAdventure: TextFawlty Towers
Five Doctors, The1986Kevin O'SheaAdventure: TextDoctor Who
Fort Boyard1998SC Studio GCG/REMADE CorporationArcade: AdventureFort Boyard
Get Your Cards Right1983WessexsoftCard GamePlay Your Cards Right
Girl Who Was Death, The1986Stephen PrestonAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Halcon Callejero, ElARDENT SoftwareArcade: ActionStreet Hawk
Hurricanes Digi Slideshow, The1995Technium 220Scene DemoHurricanes
Key to Time, The1984LumpsoftAdventure: TextDoctor Who
Kikstart 21988Mastertronic LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseKick Start
Kolo FortunyDannyPuzzleKolo Fortuny
MacGyver - La Aventura1987Rafael Vico CostaAdventure: TextMacGyver
Malice in Wonderland1985LumpsoftAdventure: TextThe Avengers
Merlin -La Aventura-2010SPECTRAVENTURAAdventure: TextMerlin
Nightmare on Robinson Street, A1990Your SinclairArcade: Shoot-em-upNeighbours
Number 6 in the Village [2]1987Philip RichmondAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Number 6 in the Village [1]1986P.R. Software [2]Adventure: TextPrisoner, The
Play Your Cards Right1984Infinite SoftwareGambling: GamesPlay Your Cards Right
Pole Chudes1994Arkadi GobuzovQuizPole Chudes
Pole Chudes1995Outland CorpQuizPole Chudes
Pole Chudes1994SirotaSoftQuizPole Chudes
Pole Chudes1995SoftlandQuizPole Chudes
Pole Chudes1995VladimirQuizPole Chudes
Pole Chudes 21994SirotaSoftQuizPole Chudes
Prisoner No.6Adventure SoftwareAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Prisoner of the Village, The1984Spoof SoftwareAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Prisoner, The1984Carol & Paul BradburyAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Prisoner, The1984Flame SoftwareAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Prisoner, The1988Francis A. ShailesAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
Rescue Rangers1997Fantadrom LtdArcade: ActionChip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Rouge Midget1991The GuildAdventure: TextRed Dwarf
Sindbad1988Grupo Creators UnionAdventure: TextArabian Nights: Adventures of Sinbad, The
Slack Bladder1987Moonchild SoftwareAdventure: TextBlack Adder, The
Time Lords Amulet, The1984Steven KendallAdventure: TextDoctor Who
Trueno1985Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: ActionBlue Thunder
Trueno Azul, El1987ARDENT SoftwareArcade: ActionBlue Thunder
V1986Magnum ComputingArcade: ActionV
V1985VideoSpectrumArcade: ActionV
Village, The1985Spectrum ComputingAdventure: TextPrisoner, The
V - The Adventure1985Sirius SoftwareAdventure: TextV
V - The Final Battle1984Lee TonksAdventure: TextV
Wender Bender1984Rankshigh LtdQuizBlockbusters
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?Dr. SpawnAdventure: TextWho Wants to Be a Millionaire?
X-Files, The1995Paul HowardScene DemoX-Files, The
X Files, The Part 11999Upsoft Co.Arcade: Shoot-em-upX-Files, The
X Files, The Part 2: On the Ship1999Upsoft Co.Adventure: TextX-Files, The
(62 titles listed)
19 Part 1: Boot Camp1988Cascade Games LtdArcade: Action19
19 Part 2: Combat ZoneCascade Games LtdArcade: Action19
Beatles: A Hard Day Night1993Max IwamotoScene DemoThe Beatles
Beatles Mix: The C.G.L. '89 Mega Mix, The1989Coolguys LtdScene DemoThe Beatles
Duke Bluebeard's Castle1985M.42 SoftwareAdventure: TextBluebeard's Castle
Harry L'Hippy1986Load 'n' Run [IT]Adventure: TextHarry Hippie
Harry the Hippy1991Psychaedelic Hedgehog SoftwareAdventure: TextHarry Hippie
Leviathan1987English SoftwareArcade: Shoot-em-upRough Boy
Mpthrilla: The Metal Miner2006Cronosoft [2]Arcade: PlatformMetallica
Only You1992Rocassoft Corp. LtdMusicOnly You
Prophecy, The1984LarsoftAdventure: TextBroadsword
Submarino Amarillo, El1985VentamaticArcade: ActionYellow Submarine
TrillerDJ TelevisionScene DemoThriller
(13 titles listed)
7 Card Stud1986Martech Games LtdCard GameScott Joplin
Billy the Kid1989Code Masters LtdArcade: ActionBilly the Kid
Billy the Kid1987Load 'n' Run [IT]Adventure: TextBilly the Kid
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show1989TynesoftArcade: ActionBuffalo Bill
C5 Clive1985Scorpio Gamesworld LtdArcade: Race 'n' ChaseSir Clive Sinclair
Clive in Exile1986Illusion Software LtdArcade: ActionSir Clive Sinclair
Cristobal ColonAventuras AD S.A.Adventure: TextChristopher Columbus
Day in the Life, A1985MicromegaArcade: ActionSir Clive Sinclair
Freddie Laker's Airline Capers2012Rutlemore GamesArcade: ActionFreddie Laker
Jack the Ripper1987CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextJack the Ripper
Jaime I El ConquistadorAventuras AD S.A.Adventure: TextJames I of Aragon
Jesus Gil, Heroe Nacional19903PSOFTAdventure: TextJesus Gil
Jimmy's Soccer Manager1991Beyond BeliefSport: ManagementJimmy Greaves
Jimmy's Super League1992Beyond BeliefSport: ManagementJimmy Greaves
Sabrina1989Iber SoftwareArcade: Gang beat-em-upSabrina Salerno
(15 titles listed)
Games '84Quicksilva LtdSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Hunchback at the Olympics1984Software Projects LtdArcade: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Italy 19901990US Gold LtdSport: ActionWorld Cup '90, Rome
Italy 1990 - Winners Edition1990US Gold LtdSport: ActionWorld Cup '90, Rome
Juegos Olimpicos Barcelona 1992Software Center S.A.Sport: ActionOlympic Games '92, Barcelona
Mexico1986VideoSpectrumEducationalWorld Cup '86, Mexico
Mexico '861985QualsoftSport: ManagementWorld Cup '86, Mexico
Mexico '861986Top SpecSport: ManagementWorld Cup '86, Mexico
Mexico 86 [2]1986VideoSpectrumEducationalWorld Cup '86, Mexico
Micro Olympics1984Database Publications LtdSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Olympic Challenge1984Century City Software LtdSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Olympicon1984MitecSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Olympics1984CRL Group PLCSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Olympics 841984Storm Software [1]EducationalOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Olympimania1984Automata UK LtdArcade: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
Rome 901990QualsoftSport: ManagementWorld Cup '90, Rome
Smaily1991Zigurat SoftwareArcade: ActionOlympic Games '92, Barcelona
Stickman Olympics1984Avalon ComputingSport: ActionOlympic Games '84, Los Angeles
World Cup 19861986P.M. CorbishleySport: ManagementWorld Cup '86, Mexico
(19 titles listed)
1 Line Space Trader2007Digital Prawn/Einar SaukasStrategy: ManagementElite
Abe's Mission: Escape2002Perspective GroupArcade: AdventureOddworld: Abe's Oddysee
Adder Attack1983Mogul Communications LtdArcade: ActionSnake Pit
Advance to Mayfair1985Amazing Games [1]Board GameMonopoly
Adventure1987Adventure SoftwareAdventure: TextAdvent
Adventure1983Micro GoldAdventure: TextAdvent
Adventure1985Paul McGuireAdventure: TextAdvent
Adventure 11982AbersoftAdventure: TextAdvent
Adventure Islandn-DiscoveryArcade: ActionAdventure Island
All Present and Correct2009Bob Smith [1]PuzzleChuChu Rocket!
Arpon1986Grupo de Trabajo Software S.A.Arcade: ActionScuba Dive
Attack of the Mutant Horde1983Computer ChoiceArcade: ActionRobots
Automonopoli1983Automata UK LtdBoard GameMonopoly
Aventura Original, La1989Aventuras AD S.A.Adventure: TextAdvent
Bad Dream1990Proxima SoftwareArcade: AdventureSokoban
BASIC RamDisc Loader2011CrisiSofTProgramming: BASIC128K Ram Disc
Battle on Hoth1983Your ComputerArcade: Shoot-em-upStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
BeTiled!2007Computer EmuzonePuzzleBejeweled
Biff1992Beyond BeliefArcade: AdventureBiff
Biff 2Beyond BeliefArcade: AdventureBiff
Biniax 22009Ubhres ProductionsPuzzleBiniax
Blind Alley1983Sunshine Books LtdArcade: ActionSurround
Boggle1985MicroHobbyBoard GameBoggle
Boggle1986Sinclair UserBoard GameBoggle
Boggles1983U.T.S.Board GameBoggle
Boom Bot2007Mark WoodmassArcade: ActionAnt Attack
BubbleLand1997VRCP Corporation LtdArcade: ActionBubble Bobble
BubbleLand 21998VRCP Corporation LtdArcade: ActionBubble Bobble
Bug1992SecundusArcade: ActionSnake
Castle Blackstar1984SCR AdventuresAdventure: TextAdven-80
Chaser1983Your ComputerArcade: ActionSurround
Cheese1983Personal Computer GamesArcade: ActionCheese
Chefs Mate1991Dominic J. MorrisArcade: MazeFast Food
Chefs Mate II1991Dominic J. MorrisArcade: MazeFast Food
Chronos2009AERArcade: Shoot-em-upChronos
Citadel1996X-Project AssociationArcade: MazeCytadela
Civilization1997Vitaly KubeckinStrategy: WarCivilization
Clickmania1999Optical BrothersPuzzleSameGame
Close-In1983PulsonicArcade: ActionSurround
Cobra's Arc1986Dinamic SoftwareAdventure: GraphicBusca del Imperio Cobra, En
Colossal Adventure1983Level 9 Computing LtdAdventure: TextAdvent
Colossal Cave Adventure1985Anubis SoftwareAdventure: TextAdvent
Comercio Cosmico1987ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaStrategy: ManagementElite
Copycat1985Sinclair ProgramsPuzzleSimon
Copycat1983Sinclair UserPuzzleSimon
Cray 52011RetroWorksArcade: ActionCray 5
Crimen Perfecto1986MicroHobbyAdventure: TextDetective Orson Welles
Curse of Nimue1995Zenobi SoftwareAdventure: TextCrystal Cavern, The
Dark, The1997Oleg OriginArcade: ActionQuake
Death Kalah19963T SoftwarePuzzleKalah
Death Trap1984Video ShowcaseArcade: ActionSurround
Defender of the Crown1989The CatStrategy: WarDefender of the Crown
Dina Blaster1995PrestigeArcade: MazeDyna Blaster
Diver: Mystery of the Deep2004HorrorSoftArcade: ActionOctopus
Dizzy2009AERArcade: PlatformDizzy
Dizzy Warehouse1996Yury SchapovPuzzleSokoban
Doctor Aibolit2002TransmanArcade: ActionDr. Mario
Doctor Mario1996Romantic WarriorsPuzzleDr. Mario
Do Not Pass Go1982Work ForceBoard GameMonopoly
Doom1995Cobra Soft [2]Arcade: ActionDoom
Doom1996Digital Reality [2]Arcade: ActionDoom
Drag'NJoin4k2012Tom DalbyPuzzleNumberlink
Dr. Mario1996V. RybnikovPuzzleDr. Mario
DStar Z881999Dominic J. MorrisPuzzleA. Von Dollen
DuneunknownTactical CombatDune
Dune II1996InforcomStrategy: WarDune II
Dyno Blaster1997Computer Work CompanyArcade: MazeDyna Blaster
Earth WarFanat & CoTactical CombatScorched Earth
Egg1996Vitaliy TsimbalukArcade: ActionEggs
Electro Bingo1989Sinclair UserArcade: ActionPainter
Electro Bingo 21989Sinclair UserArcade: ActionPainter
Electro Bingo 31989Sinclair UserArcade: ActionPainter
Erudit2012Grib ResearchBoard GameScrabble
Escape II - Some Years Later2011Matthew CarrierArcade: MazeEscape
E.T.1983Macronics Systems LtdArcade: MazeE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T.X.1983Abbex Electronics LtdArcade: AdventureE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Existenz2000Triumph Game LabsArcade: Shoot-em-upDelfox
FerrogodsAlter WorldTactical CombatUFO: Enemy Unknown
Fighter2008THDArcade: Shoot-em-upImpressions Software Inc
Find the Smiley2010ShiruGambling: GamesShell game
Fireman2005Miguel Angel Rodriguez JodarArcade: ActionFire
Fire 'n Ice2003n-DiscoveryPuzzleFire 'n Ice
Flynn's Adventure in Bombland2011Tom DalbyArcade: MazeBomberman
Freeway2010Perspective GroupPuzzleRush Hour
Gem Chaser2013Bob's StuffArcade: PlatformGem Chaser
Gewitter1984EMM SoftwareTactical CombatOURANOS!
Gift for Diver1999Light FutureArcade: ActionSameGame
Gnarly Simon2012Swashbuckling DisappointmentPuzzleSimon
Go to Jail1983Automata UK LtdBoard GameMonopoly
Gotta Catch'em All!2003Delirium TremensPuzzlePokemon
Gridlock2004Perspective GroupPuzzleRush Hour
Hanio1983Computer ServicesPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanoi1985VentamaticPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanoi1997Without Denomination GroupPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanoi King1983Contrast SoftwarePuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanois TornClas KristianssonPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanoi's Towers1992OutletPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hanoj1998FlymansoftPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Hearts2006IvanovsoftCard GameHearts
Heritage2009Rafal MiazgaArcade: AdventureArtefakt Przodkow
Heroes of Might and MagicunknownAdventure: RPGHeroes of Might and Magic
Heroes of Might and Magic1998KhabarovskAdventure: RPGHeroes of Might and Magic
Horace Goes to the Tower2011The Mojon TwinsArcade: PlatformHorace
Horace in the Mystic Woods2010Bob Smith [1]Arcade: PlatformHorace in the Mystic Woods
Hunt the Wumpus2013Fun ForgeArcade: MazeHunt the Wumpus
Hunt the Wumpus2006Wilko SchroterAdventure: TextHunt the Wumpus
Ice Climber1996V.D.V. CorpArcade: PlatformIce Climber
Ice Man1997AKM SoftArcade: PlatformIce Climber
iLogicAll2008Computer EmuzonePuzzleNonogram
James Pond - Codename: RobocodUS Gold LtdArcade: PlatformJames Pond
Japan Crossword1999Delta Hackers GroupPuzzleNonogram
Japanese Contrast1999FenomenPuzzleNonogram
Jet Set Willy 16K2009Jonathan CauldwellArcade: PlatformJet Set Willy
Journey Bis1989VulcanBoard GameMonopoly
JumpunknownArcade: ActionJumping Jack
Justin2007CNGSoftArcade: ActionDustin
Kaboom!1986FuxoftArcade: ActionKaboom!
Kalah1997White EagleBoard GameKalah
Kalaha1983EMM SoftwareBoard GameKalah
Kalaha1984ZX DataArcade: ActionKalah
KaratronunknownArcade: Solo beat-em-upKarateka
Kdo to Vi, Odpovi...1988FuxoftBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Kerixer2011JeRrSPuzzleKerixer Plus
Kerixer II2011JeRrSPuzzleKerixer Plus
Kerixer III2011JeRrSPuzzleKerixer Plus
Kill Pokemon2002Delirium TremensArcade: ActionPokemon
King Quest V1993ALEAsoftAdventure: TextKing's Quest V
King's Valley2009RetroWorksArcade: PlatformKing's Valley
King Valley1994WE [Belarus]Arcade: PlatformKing's Valley
Klass of '992012James McKayArcade: AdventureSkool Daze
Knightmare ZX2012Climacus/McNeilArcade: Shoot-em-upKnightmare
Knights & Demons2013Kabuto FactoryPuzzleLights Out
Knights & Demons DX2013Kabuto FactoryPuzzleLights Out
Kockapoker2003Laszlo NyitraiCard GameYahtzee
Kon1987Anthony P. HamiltonAdventure: TextTwin Kingdom Valley
Konami's Golf1986Imagine Software LtdSport: ActionKonami Ltd
Konami's Tennis1986Imagine Software LtdSport: ActionKonami Ltd
Kool Eggz2000CyberPunks UnityArcade: ActionEggs
KrakenKassoftArcade: ActionOctopus
Ladatologato Jatek2000Laszlo NyitraiPuzzleSokoban
Larry1989Luiz Cressoni FilhoAdventure: TextLeisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards
Legend of KyrandiaNicodimAdventure: GraphicLegend of Kyrandia, The
Lethargy: The Apathetic Dream2003Studio StallArcade: AdventureMyth: History in the Making
L-Game1982Brian HebbesPuzzleL game
L-Game1982Taurus Computer DesignPuzzleL game
L-Game, The1984Minimal SystemsPuzzleL game
L-Game, The1982Supersoft SystemsPuzzleL game
Life1997Free GlozedEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life1982Gilsoft InternationalEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life1988OutletEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life1982Sinclair Research LtdEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life1997SupervisorEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life1982ZX ComputingEducationalConway's Game of Life
Life No. 21991OutletEducationalConway's Game of Life
Macro-Life1986ZX ComputingEducationalConway's Game of Life
Magic Tokens2010Perspective GroupPuzzleBejeweled
Malawi Tour1994OutletBoard GameTourist Trap
Manic Miner ZX812003Ales MartinikArcade: PlatformManic Miner
Mapsnatch1984Dinamic SoftwareStrategy: WarRisk
Marbles of Wisdom2011Rafal MiazgaPuzzlePuzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Mario2010AERArcade: PlatformSuper Mario Bros.
Mario2003Delirium TremensArcade: PlatformSuper Mario Bros.
MarioXL-Design IncArcade: PlatformSuper Mario Bros.
Maziacs12003Paolo FerrarisArcade: MazeMaziacs
Megaplex2006Cronosoft [2]Arcade: MazeSupaplex
Milk & Nuts2001Techno LabArcade: ActionNuts & Milk
Mind PersuitDatasoft IncBoard GameTrivial Pursuit
Mole Hunter2010Raul Pelayo Diez-AndinoArcade: ActionMole Hunter
Money2009AERGambling: GamesShell Game
Monkey Island Adventure2011Zeropolis ElementAdventure: TextSecret of Monkey Island, The
Monopoly 21993Technotop GraphicsBoard GameMonopoly
Moorhuhn: First Blood2002Triebkraft/Fourth DimensionArcade: Shoot-em-upPhenomedia
Mr. Robo1996Inferno Software IncArcade: MazeRobbo
muMATH-802011Samir RibicUtility: Maths & SciencemuMATH-80
Murder!1983Rabbit Software LtdAdventure: GraphicCluedo
Mushroom Man2009Hajo SpuunupPuzzleMushroom Man
Mystery Manor1984Bamby SoftwareAdventure: GraphicCluedo
Nautilus1986OCTA SoftSimulationOcean Conqueror
NetWalk1999Faceoff AssociationPuzzleNetWalk
Net Walk1998Style GroupPuzzleNetWalk
New Wars1998n-DiscoveryArcade: ActionScorched Earth
Nonocross2008Digital BrainsPuzzleNonogram
Nu, PagadiSpectrum Omega SoftwareArcade: ActionEggs
Orb, The1983CRL Group PLCAdventure: RPGValley, The
Pan-Galactic Cocktail Mixer1995Brian GaffDomesticRuth James
Paradoxion2006Perspective GroupPuzzleVSBsoft
Party Worms2009Total Computer GangArcade: ActionDune 3 - Achtung die Kurve
Pecinski Heroj1987Suzy SoftArcade: ActionBC's Quest for Tires
Piggy Punks1990Sinclair UserBoard GameHungry Hungry Hippos
Piknik1985BajtekArcade: ActionWhomper Stomper
Pipe Dream1995Infosoft [2]Arcade: ActionPipe Mania
Pipe Line1992Dominic J. MorrisPuzzlePipe Dream
Poker [2]1997unknownGambling: GamesYahtzee
Poker1999MasterGambling: GamesYahtzee
Poker Club1994Free GroupGambling: GamesYahtzee
Poker de Dados1985MicroHobbyGambling: GamesYahtzee
Poker Dice1996Auryn Creative GroupGambling: GamesYahtzee
Preliminary Monty2009Andrew ZhiglovArcade: PlatformMontezuma's Revenge
Prince of Persia1996Magic Soft [2]Arcade: AdventurePrince of Persia
Prince of Persia Playable Demo1995Magic Soft [2]Arcade: AdventurePrince of Persia
Pussy: Love Story from Titanic1999Fatality/LCD DesignPuzzleMagical Puzzle Popils
Pyramid1996SyndromePuzzleTriangle Tetris
Quest for Witchcraft2011Scene+PuzzleJewel Quest
Riptoff1991Your SinclairArcade: MazeRepton
Robbo1996Pro SoftArcade: MazeRobbo
robotfindskitten2003Robert TinsleyArcade: Adventurerobotfindskitten
ROMIT1987Simon EverestArcade: Shoot-em-upRAM IT
Royal Life1987FuxoftEducationalConway's Game of Life
Samegame2002Dominic J. MorrisPuzzleSameGame
Scorched Earth, The1997X-Project AssociationTactical CombatScorched Earth
Scumball 22008Mark WoodmassArcade: PlatformScumball
Sea Dragon2010Andrew ZhiglovArcade: Shoot-em-upSea Dragon
Seekey1982Breadhill SoftwareArcade: MazeE.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Serf's Tale, The1986Players SoftwareAdventure: TextAdvent
Sherwood1992Ultrasoft [2]Strategy: WarDefender of the Crown
Shogun2010YRSBoard GameShogun
Shoot Redux2008Computer EmuzoneArcade: Shoot-em-upShoot!
Shove Off1993Jonathan CauldwellArcade: ActionSokoban
Simon1983Anirog SoftwarePuzzleSimon
Simon1983Baldomero GarciaPuzzleSimon
Simon [1]1984MicroHobbyPuzzleSimon
Simon [2]1986MicroHobbyPuzzleSimon
Simon1985RUN [1]PuzzleSimon
Simon Said1983Virgin BooksPuzzleSimon
Skelby - The Schizophrenic Droid1984QBITArcade: ActionSnake
Skirmish1994MASArcade: Shoot-em-upScorched Earth
Slab Age1993THDArcade: ActionStone Age
Slippery Sid1983Silversoft LtdArcade: ActionSnake
Sokoban2006Compiler SoftwarePuzzleSokoban
Soko-Ban1990Omikron Software [2]PuzzleSokoban
Sokoban2001The GasmanPuzzleSokoban
Sokoban1991WE [Poland]PuzzleSokoban
SOKO-BAN1988ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaPuzzleSokoban
SOKO-BAN+ COSMOS2007ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaPuzzleSokoban
SOKO-BAN+ LOMA2007ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaPuzzleSokoban
SOKO-BAN+ MIND2007ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaPuzzleSokoban
SOKO-BAN LINE2007ZX-SOFT Brasil LtdaPuzzleSokoban
Sokoban Perfect1991New FrontierPuzzleSokoban
Souls2013Retrobytes ProductionsArcade: ActionDark Souls
Speccy Simon1996Cheese Freak SoftwarePuzzleSimon
Spectrum Scrabble1983Granada PublishingBoard GameScrabble
Speculator1983Protek Computing LtdBoard GameMonopoly
Spring1985VideoSpectrumArcade: ActionSpring
Star Blade1995Barry AdamsArcade: Shoot-em-upUridium
Star Chess1984Duncan KinnairdBoard GameStar Chess
Star Chess1984Space Age SoftwareBoard GameStar Chess
Stop the Express2009AERArcade: PlatformStop the Express
Stratego 2K2010YRSBoard GameStratego
Supaplex1999FlymansoftArcade: MazeSupaplex
Supaplex2009Triumph Game LabsArcade: MazeSupaplex
Super Mario1999Master Home Computers GroupArcade: PlatformSuper Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.2002Perspective GroupArcade: PlatformSuper Mario Bros.
Surround1983Micro Press [1]Arcade: ActionSurround
Surround1983Simon SoftwareArcade: ActionSurround
Tank War1995InterceptorTactical CombatScorched Earth
Tanx1983Pan Books LtdTactical CombatScorched Earth
Television Scrabble1984A. SharplesBoard GameScrabble
Torens van Hanoi1985Terminal Software PublicatiesPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Torres de Hanoi, Las1985MicroHobbyPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Benares198416/48 Tape MagazinePuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Brahma1983Precision Software EngineeringPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi1999Robsoft [2]PuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi1983Shiva Publishing LtdPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi1982Sinclair Research LtdPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoy198516/48 Tape MagazinePuzzleTower of Hanoi
Towers of Brahma, The1982Star DreamsPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Towers of Hanoi1983G. LitjensPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Towers of Hanoi, The1984Newtech Publishing LtdPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Towers of Hanoi, The1992OutletPuzzleTower of Hanoi
Tracers2008YRSPuzzleKeep Going Maze
Trader1983SP EnterprisesStrategy: ManagementTrader Trilogy, The
TrailRacer1987Jorgen BechArcade: ActionTrailblazer
Trooper:Point 52010The Bog BrothersArcade: Shoot-em-upJetpac
Tuerme von Hanoi1983Omega-Soft [2]PuzzleTower of Hanoi
UFO: Enemy Unknown1995Copper FeetTactical CombatUFO: Enemy Unknown
UFO 2: Devils of Abyss1996Copper FeetTactical CombatX-COM: Terror from the Deep
Ugly Blaster1997StupidiuSArcade: MazeDyna Blaster
Valley, The1983Kayde Software LtdAdventure: RPGValley, The
Valley, The1992OutletAdventure: RPGValley, The
Very Big Cave Adventure, The1986CRL Group PLCAdventure: TextAdvent
Walker1996Alien FactoryArcade: ActionWalker
Wall1989Vlak & Co.Arcade: ActionThro' the Wall
Wars of Amber1994Maksim GannutinStrategy: WarDefender of the Crown
W*H*B2009Bob Smith [1]PuzzleBloxorz
Whodunnit1984Mastertronic LtdAdventure: GraphicCluedo
Winer Milly1986Magnum ComputingArcade: PlatformManic Miner
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Broken Timemachine2011YRSArcade: PlatformChronotron
Wiwo Dido: The Case of the Lost Keys2011YRSArcade: PlatformContinuity
Wizard's Lair1984YodasoftArcade: AdventureDragon's Lair
Wolfenstein 20042004Alone CoderArcade: ActionWolfenstein
WorldBar - Arcade version2008YRSArcade: ActionCafe International
WorldBar - Boardgame version2007Dr BEEPBoard GameCafe International
Worm Attack1984PulsonicArcade: ActionSnake
Worms1997Evgeny BystrovArcade: ActionWorms
Worms1999Multyplex GroupArcade: ActionWorms
Wormsn-DiscoveryArcade: ActionWorms
Worms1997Silicon Brains Software LtdArcade: ActionWorms
Xyzolog2010Retrogames ComputingArcade: Shoot-em-upXyzolog
Yahtzee1985Load 'n' Run [IT]Gambling: GamesYahtzee
Yahtzee1983SpectreGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yahtzi1983Work ForceGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yahtzie1983Bob HemmingsGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yakzee1983Automata UK LtdGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yangtze1983Hippo SoftwareGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yartzi1983R. BartlettGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yatzee1984CP SoftwareGambling: GamesYahtzee
Yatzy1984Richard MorganGambling: GamesYahtzee
Zampabolas1990System 4Board GameHungry Hungry Hippos
ZX Cluedo1984Robbie CoullBoard GameCluedo
ZXOOM2011ALKO/Andrew771/Black CatArcade: ActionDoom
Zx Worms2002Shadow MakerArcade: ActionWorms
(321 titles listed)

(Grand total: 1068 titles in 11 genres)

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