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Flash Inc was founded in 1993
Novosibirsk, Siberia, xUSSR
Previous name TENEBRARUM

Flash Inc. is one of the many coder groups in Russia, who use and love their Spectrum Computers. All demos are related to Flash, but some of the files don't definitely mention Flash Inc. in runtime. These files were created by members of Flash in various 'Jam Sessions' through the years. All music is done by Flash members, mostly by Voxon and Mr. Nik.

Lets's introduce ourselves:

Real Name
Alex Raider Alexey Astafiev Code
Amadeus Voxon
(old nickname Wakson)
Michael Belousov Music, Code, Gfx, PC-music
Burst Vadim Selischev Crack, Code
Crush & Burn Andrey Hardware Engineer
Dark Force
(old nickname MCF)
Michael Cherdancev Z80 code, PC-music
Dr. Bars Evgeny Barsky Crack, Code
Fikus Pikus Alexey Kovalev Organizer, Swapping, Crack, Gfx
Mr. Nik Nikolay Purtov Code, Music
Mystery Dmitry Naboka Code, Gfx
Odysseus Victor O. Borisov Internet Dealer (deal with as postman, search, download, converting from snapshots), crack
Slack Den Denis Suslin Music


Their Demos

Demo Name
alexgift TRD/TAP Alex Gift
balldream TRD/TAP Ball Dreams
b_dream2 TRD/TAP Ball Dreams 2
bestday TRD Best Day
crazy TRD/TAP Crazy Shit
dbl_gift TRD Double Gift
figment TRD/TAP Figment
fp_gift TRD/TAP Fikus Pikus Gift
fl_track TRD/Z80 Flash Tracker Demo
for_alex TRD/TAP For Alex
gift TRD/TAP Gift for Alex Raider
gift4sd TRD/TAP Gift for Slack Den
wakson20 TRD/Z80 Gift for Wakson 20
gift_hb TRD Happy Birthday Gift
yurik-18 TRD Happy Birthday to Yurik
wakson TRD Happy Birthday Wakson
hearer TRD Hearer Song Commander
hedge128 TRD/Z80 Hedgehog Shurik
milkyway TRD/TAP Milky Way
milky_2 TRD/TAP Milky Way 2
odysseus TRD Odysseus Party
ourlife TRD/Z80 Our Life
peter-16 TRD/TAP Peter-16
p_novak TRD/TAP Peter Novak
read_me TRD/TAP Read Me
rem_this TRD/TAP Remember This
sdd1_doc TRD/TAP Soundrive 1.02 doc
sd15_inf TRD Soundrive 1.5 info
sd151inf TRD/TAP Soundrive 1.51 info
st_decom TRD Soundtrack Decompiler
vp_gift TRD VA-PRO Gift
vicomm TRD/TAP Vicomm Modem 2
warning TRD/TAP Warning Demo
bura!!! TRD/TAP (unrealised/unfinished
Hocus Pocus megademo)

The files are developed on Russian Spectrum machines, so don't expect that each and everything works well on traditional Spectrums or their emulation(s). But on the other hand: many of them work fine. If you don't have a Russian Speccy, I suggest the use of X128, or one of the fine Russian emulators.

In some of these demos, you can press various keys ([SPACE] usually skips to the next part of a demo) such as 1, 2, 3, 4 ... Q, A, O, P, W, S, etc.. This changes music and/or graphic effects...

Some demos contain parts with digital music specially created for work with similar-special Soundcards, called "Soundrive", "Covox", and so on. So they will be silent for example on Z80, but maybe they do their job on the russian emulators.

There are some demos that couldn't be converted to TAP or Z80, because of their Commander-like structure when choosing parts of a demo, or when they have special cool features related to the TR-Dos loading system, such as music playing during load of next part etc.

Download all demos in TRD format (1,041,894 bytes)
Download the demos in TAP format where possible (647,259 bytes)
Download the demos in Z80 format where possible (103,290 bytes)

[Flash Inc]
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