The Prommer:
This page shows my home-brew BPROM programmer, constructed free-form on a bit of patchboard. The circuit itself is quite simple, using some leds to show the status of the BPROM outputs, and dip switches to enter the data and set the address lines.
A dual lab PSU providing +5V and +11V with 220mA was used to power the device, when the power switch (upper middle of the board) is set to +5V, then you can read the BPROM, when the switch is set to +11V you can program the device by pressing the ´prog´ button. Beforehand set your data and address lines, and then double check them, any mistakes cannot be rectified. Pressing the ´prog´ button for about 1 second seems to suffice.The ´disp´ switch enables or disables the led display.

Bprom programmer board
This is the finished BPROM programmer, click on the image for a larger view, the corresponding circuit diagram can be found here.